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Hereunder are the most commonly conducted tests following the different norms :

  • Oxidation : ASTM C 863 Norm "Assessment of resistance to oxidation at a high temperature for Silicon Carbide refractories".
  • Chemical analysis : measured by fluorescence XRF fused east bead.
  • Bulk density, apparent porosity : NFB 40-321 Norm "Establishing a bulk density of apparent porosity and true porosity"
  • Cold crushing strength, NF B40-33 Norm "Establishing of crushing strength of dense shaped products"
  • Softening under load : NF B 40-33 Norm : part 8 "Refractory products - Establishing of softening under load"
  • Thermal conductivity : ASTM C202 "Thermal conductivity of refractory bricks" NF B 40-303
  • Thermal expansion : NF B40-308 Norm "Refractory products - thermal expansion.